Strategic Thinking +
Innovative Work


Powerful ideas are fundamental to the work we deliver, driving change through insight and acting as the foundation for everything we do. Whether you’re a start-up on the verge of something great or an established Fortune 500 company looking for a refresh, you need a partner whose work is strategic, tech-savvy, efficient, results-driven, and proven. At LA Design, we offer a breadth of services – spanning across all communications platforms - that will allow you to reimagine and crystallize the very way you describe your own business.

We build great brands integrated across multiple touchpoints

At its heart, your brand is a story – the promise you make to your customers. And in an overcrowded world with fierce competition, it’s more important than ever to enable that story to cut through the noise so it’s heard in a distinguished voice. We can develop the right plan for your brand to ensure everything it stands for is clear, refined, and compelling. Your brand is the foundation for how customers experience your company, and while you can’t completely control a person’s perception of your brand - you can influence it. Let us help. From establishing your visual identity to developing your overall brand strategy, we work to differentiate your brand and connect it to the people who matter the most.


Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Logo Design/Taglines
Visual identity
Brand Guidelines
Brand Standards
Brand Voice

We create web sites + digital work that win awards...and mindshare

First impressions do matter. But make no mistake, web design is more than just pretty images on a screen. We believe your website is a natural extension of your brand’s story that sets the tone for your online presence. It’s a “live” sales rep working 24/7 on your behalf and you need it to perform. Leveraging web standards, usability and best practices, we design responsive sites that deliver proven online conversions and better user engagement. Generate real leads and take your business to the next level with a powerful new website.


Website Development
Website Design
Responsive Sites
Digital Advertising
Social Media
Mobile Development
Video Art Direction

We live and breathe good design to create innovative marketing

It’s tempting to jump right into tactics because it often feels god to “do something” to promote your business. But the fact is, if your marketing efforts aren’t working together in coordinated fashion, they’re working against you. That’s why we believe in formulating a sustainable, measurable marketing approach as a cornerstone of your business’s success. Let us help you develop a go-to-market approach that is realistic, sustainable, and built exclusively for your business.


Email Marketing
Online Marketing
Social Media
Marketing Consulting
Content Development
Strategic Planning
Market Research

Effective design does more than grab your prospect’s attention. It keeps it.

Everything we create is designed with passion and purpose. It’s one simple fact that separates us from other design shops. What we design is a direct reflection of your brand. And you should want it no other way because your visual representation is what will attract prospects, get them engaged, and convey the value and essence of your company. And that’s not something you want to take lightly. Whether online, digital, or traditional print, we work across all communications platforms to reveal your authentic brand story.


Direct Mail
Annual Reports
Sales Collateral
Conference Materials