SurfControl is the world’s leading provider of web and e-mail filtering technology for businesses, protecting them from spam, viruses, worms and unwanted web content such as pornography. To launch their worldwide ad campaign, we created humorous ads with eye-catching visuals that speak to the concerns of IT managers. The campaign has earned numerous awards, including best print ad of the year from BtoB magazine for the “stop spam now” ad.

Take back control of your network

A few years ago, Wall Street firms were rocked by scandal when internal emails from their analysts went public denouncing the very stocks they were praising in the press. The most famous was the “This stock is a dog” quote from Henry Blodget. SurfControl’s email filtering product would have prevented this from happening and they knew it was an ideal opportunity to increase sales if they could break through the clutter and reach the CIO’s of these firms. Our solution was a dimensional box, with a very clear message....either you secure your network now or your CEO could be secured in handcuffs some day soon. The response was overwhelming.