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Passion and Purpose


LA Design is an award-winning boutique design studio in the New York area that is 100% focused on helping brands reach their full potential. We are a small team of passionate strategic thinkers and designers doing big things — most notably, creating and reinventing thoughtful brands for companies looking to stand apart from the pack.

Strategy. Creativity. Impact. We help brands tell their story. We turn insights into ideas that are nurtured and crafted into meaningful, creative solutions that bring real, measurable value to business. That’s why our clients rely on us for their most important challenges.

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Since 2006, we have stood as tireless advocates for our clients, becoming a brand’s best friend by committing to a single, all-encompassing goal—to create advertising that drives audiences to take action. Our passion is as transparent as our process: ideas, work, results. It is more than our philosophy; it is our mantra, and a pledge to continue producing effective ideas and work for our clients who put their trust in us to help them achieve the results they need..


We strive to create original work that we, as well as our clients, can be proud to call our own. From a global corporation to a local café, we put the same amount of genuine hard work into every single thing we create.